Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge (2001) is een film die lyrische voorstanders heeft en rabiate tegenstanders. Omdat dit pseudo-intellectuele misbaksel het licht op deze aarde niet waard is, heb ik ervoor gekozen enkel de meest spirituele one-liners, die het product helemaal afkraken uiteraard, te publiceren. Ik had natuurlijk ook zelf een recensie kunnen maken, maar waarom iets doen als talloze mensen voor mij het al veel beter gedaan hebben ? Bovendien zou ik de film dan helemaal moeten uitzien en dat heb ik er echt niet voor over. De quotes die hier volgen zijn allemaal van verschillende mensen die Moulin Rouge ook effectief hebben gezien (al moet ik het toegeven, niet allemaal tot het einde, maar dat vergeef ik ze van harte)

- The fact that it was nominated for an academy award made me rethink every thought I've ever had. I'm afraid to leave the house now, because I think that was a sign of the coming apocolypse

- If you have the shortest attention span ever, like half of the rest of mankind, you'll love this

- This movie surely was an unique experience for me, and I don't want to have that experience again... ever.

- First of all; I love music. Music isn't just a hobby for me, its a passion. Moulin Rouge is the single most terrible musical experience I've had.

- Every other shot was in slowmotion for apparantly no reason at all.

- The singing made me want to sharpen a pencil and shove it directly into my ear.

- If you are planning on watching it, might I suggest taking an entire bottle of Vicodin beforehand- 'cause it's gonna hurt.

- After 5 minutes of this amphetamine-edited nonsense, I had a splitting headache.

- This is an overlong, tedious, frantic 2-hour video clip that should have been kept at a reasonable length: 4 minutes at most.

- This movie is remarkable in a way that watching it actually causes physical pain

- Seeing a fat man singing "Like a Virgin" is going to cost me years of therapy and lots of sleepless nights.

- I could feel my IQ dropping

- Practically everyone I know, my mom included, thinks this movie is the greatest thing since Christ. Well, guess what? I think the opposite.

- I`ve always hated musicals . It`s the whole camp concept of men and women talking sensibly one moment and springing about like muppets on acid the next

- This is a waste of celluloid being a musical lover myself this is the worst movie that the genre has ever seen

- This film vomits garish style and dated cinematic techniques to the point where it becomes unbearable.

- While viewing this film in the theater, I was so overwhelmed with desperation, that I unlaced my boot and crafted a make-shift noose. I proceeded to wear this about my neck all through the movie.

- It was really hard for me to sit through two hours of watching people plastered with make-up run around and act like total idiots.

- There isn't a single shot in this movie that lasts longer than 2.5 seconds. All flashy cuts do is confuse the viewer. They aren't "hip" or "cool" or "innovative", they're just plain ridiculous (believe me, I know what I'm talking about. I'm a professional editor.)

- The money I spent watching this movie could as well be spent in pain-killers

- Kurt Cobain is turning over in his grave, and if I ever hear "Your Song" by Elton John again, I may set myself on fire to distract me from the pain.

- After all, if I want to see a bunch of very fast frame changes/silly songs I go and watch MTV

- I didn't actually watch the whole thing. I could only take 30 minutes before the pain became too great to continue.

- This film is a shallow and ultimately boring spectacle for the masses who eat up whatever Hollywood feeds them.

- There is nothing magic in all this mess, except maybe for this hypnotized, shallow generation of MTV fans that know absolutely nothing about cinema and think they have cinematic culture because they saw "Titanic".

- Dont Watch With a Loaded Gun Nearby

- I have seen hundreds of films which have enthralled me, manipulated me, or just plain made me angry, but never have I endured a more torturous film than Moulin Rouge

- I have only walked out of 2 movies in my life - including this one.

- If Kurt Cobain could come back from the dead he would shoot himself in the head again

- Nicole Kidman is about as sexy as a dead fish wrapped in newspaper and Ewan McGregor's singing left dogs howling outside the cinema.

- I firmly believe that in the 6th level of Dante's inferno, they play this film over and over.

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The point Dat is waarom ik dit blog zo fantastisch vind.

Ik had natuurlijk ook zelf een recensie kunnen maken, maar waarom iets doen als talloze mensen voor mij het al veel beter gedaan hebben ?

In mijn geval dus, waarom zou ik het nog zeggen, als jij dat al doet. ;)

Gepost door: ms | 29-07-03

ik dank u zeer Het raakt mijn hart dat u zich zo lovend uitlaat over mijn blog. Snik. Dank u. U bent een fantastisch publiek.


Gepost door: the insane | 30-07-03

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